2013-2014 Season viewing venues

We are currently only showing games that are available outside of CelticTV NAFCSC live coverage and there is no charge for any games.

A listing of all Celtic matches and the channels available can be seen here > http://www.livesoccertv.com/teams/scotland/celtic/

We have begun watching matches 9am and later at Mister Tramps sports bar at 8565 Research Blvd  Austin, TX 78758

For earlier matches we will continue watching at Fado


Welcome to our new honorary member

Benedikt Wagner, who now follows Glasgow Celtic from his home in Munich along with his 2 brothers, Johannes and Tobias.

Benedikt Wagner

Benedikt Wagner

Rest in Peace Oscar

Wee Finn Kelly is no wee anymore

Speiro sent an update of the young bhoy’s progress.

Finn sporting the Celtic shorts

Finn sporting the Celtic shorts

SFA Cup Final

Oor newest member

Speiro and Peter visiting NYC to see Stephen and the newest CSC member, Callum.

Grandad Peter Hazelton, Stephen Hazelton, Grandson Callum Hazelton and Kevin Speirits

Houston Emerald – Christmas Party

Many thanks to Joe Chalmers and Marisa for organizing this event and inviting both Austin and New Orleans CSCs.  We had a cracking time.


Roxie putting on her green light

Our very own Roxie making her pilgrimage to see the Bhoys in Dublin.

Finn Kelly – latest Austin CSC member

Our newest recruit.

Finn The latest Austin CSC Member

Last Old Firm – Ever ? 3 – 0 Victory

Title Win